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Griffith Property Services

Residential and Commercial, Private Driways, Roads and Parking Lots

Your roads and parking lots are one of your most critical links to customer and tenant satisfaction . Additionally, they can be one of your biggest Capital Expenditures, should they fall into a state of disrepair or deterioration . Griffith Property Services Ltd. launched its Asphalt and Paving Repair Division in 2010 to provide you with competitive in house pricing with guaranteed, reliable results.

What starts out as a simple pothole soon can become a claim for damaged cars or worse a trip or "Slip and Fall "claim. Addressing these areas quickly and professionally can prevent further deterioration and more importantly eliminating the possible liability!

See the following slides to see how you can help prevent these possible problems!
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Call us at 905-888-5084 today to ask how we can help protect your investment and reduce your liability!

Our 30 years of experience makes us a Leader in the Business, and we will be happy to recommend the right solution.

Residential or Commercial: We specialize in getting the job done "On Time and On Budget" using only the finest, quality materials.

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